Gay Marriage . . .

I was just scrolling through Facebook (I am so self-involved I rarely even click over to my "stream" to see what people are saying/doing/liking) and I was sort of amazed at all the red square, pink "equal" sign avatars.

In a good way. A very good way. My friend (who, I will happily admit I think is super bright, very funny, and has two of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen . . . and in a SET, no less) Laura had a post applauding people for their engagement in the "turning Facebook red" (my words, not hers) campaign and sort of chiding the people who dismissed the effort as a waste since the Supreme Court RARELY factors "likes" in to its decisions (for those NOT fully awake or fully out from under a rock the effort is focused around the Supreme Court's BIG week looking at marriage (gay or otherwise)).

I saw a bunch of people had commented on/liked the post and I was sort of perturbed that I could not readily identify people because they all had the same avatar.

THEN I got it . . . we're all the same. We all have the same basic makeup, composition, and outward image when it comes to love and marriage. We all deserve it. We should all have a chance to do it and do it right. We will be better when we stop seeing orientation as a factor to "make" or "break" love as a valid thing.

I hope the Supreme Court agrees and sets a standard that allows marriage to be about love, not the disparate genders of the participants.