Easter . . .

The Easter Bunny ate these. No really, he DID.
Today is Easter (you're surprised? Really?) and this presents an interesting conundrum for me.

 As I continue my Jewish conversion, I will continue to move my "old" Christian life (beliefs, traditions, etc.) more and more to the background except where my daughter and family is/are involved. 

My daughter's mother and I have decided that - at least for the foreseeable future (when she hits a certain point we'll let her decide if she wants to pick a(ny) religion or faith) - we'll raise her to be a Judeo-Christian. 

Basically she'll celebrate any/all holidays and learn about the customs and traditions associated with each and will enjoy the food, candy, treats, and gifts that go with each/every/all. 

To add a twist, I'm going to be a practicing/observant Reform Jew and Ava's mother will be an agnostic-type Christian. More potential for confusion in the simplicity of doing the best we can to parent in a family that continues to find more and more ways to be divided. 

The moral of the story, at least for this morning, is that this holiday (if you are so inclined) is all about renewal, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. Not a bad reason to stash some candy and gifts around the house and share a meal with your child and her mother/your former spouse.