Daylight Savings Time . . .

This is my living room in the morning sun (floor to ceiling windows). This
photo does not make do the warm, orange glow of the light "justice."
It usually takes me a few days to really accept the greatness of changing the clocks.

  • The act of moving the clocks ahead - by itself - makes me resent the impending Kansas summer
  • The first few days are some sorta' faux jet-lag crisis for me
  • I am not a morning person. Or an afternoon person. Or an evening person. Or a night person. 

But I eventually (in this case earlier today) see/experience something I have not seen/experienced in a long time . . . when I answered my 7:15 AM alarm (yes, I still get up as though I have to be somewhere by 8:00 AM Monday - Friday) I walked out to the living room to find my little corner of this big blue/green ball FILLED with sunlight. 

I mention this for a simple reason . . . I've been unhappy lately. A wee bit (you can't take away my swagger, yuns). And it has been years and years and years since just seeing sunlight filling a room has made me truly smile. And this morning it did. And I paused to really enjoy it. And I got my kiddo out of bed so she could come enjoy it too (before plunking down on the pictured sofa and complaining that the sun made it heard for her to use a chunk of her daily Roku/Netflix time while sipping her morning chocolate milk). I pointed out that the sunlight beats the television any day. She agreed. But only enough as to not have an actual debate in the 7 AM hour. She's not a morning person either. 

Early morning sun. I have not see that in months. I'm either already started on the day or not paying attention bu now I've got it to look forward to for months to come. HOPEFULLY for just a few, short minutes before running out the door to get to work.