Burst Your Bubble . . .

We've had a chance to enjoy some spring-like weather the last few days (admittedly Saturday was not fantastic) and, for my kid, that means BUBBLES.

I'm not sure when/where/how that happened. I think because we have always put a bottle of bubbles in her Easter Basket, maybe?! Regardless (or irregardless as some of you would like to insist it is okay to say) she loves 'em, I have never really understood 'em. I mean . . . I get it. You put some soapy-water mixture and use a device to stretch it out and then gently blow and . . . bubbles.

But there are a few things I don't get. First, I can never get the air pressure just right so I wind out either hyperventilating or freaking out with frustration. Second, when I do figure it out . . . they just get popped. There is nothing lasting about bubbles. You can't have them, hold them, share them, keep them, hold them, or even spend a few seconds with them. Maybe it is the cheapster in me, but even at $1/bottle, I think they are a waste of money (I DO happily buy them for Ava but I always at least try to steer her toward some other option.).

I can't bring myself to like ANYTHING in this world (even something as beautiful as bubbles are) without some basic staying power. That goes for my relationships, commitments, fun, fantasy, toys, distractions, candy (speaking of - check out these AMAZING sugar sculptures I am getting for kiddo's basket this year) or even children's books (I always look at the page count, I can't help it).

I know what you're thinking . . . isn't it better to have something truly beautiful to behold and enjoy, even if it is fleeting? And if the whole point is to pop the bubbles or watch them float away anyway - doesn't that mean even a short life is all the time they/you need? Sure. Sure. But in a world where you can get equally beautiful, equally translucent, equally festive Easter Bunny sculptures that you can have and hold as long as you want and then eat (if you have a stomach that can process modified sugars (I do not)) . . . why settle for JUST bubbles?