"Super" Bowl . . .

I'm not sure if you heard but there was apparently a football game played in New Orleans last night. Yep. Totally true. It was a little-trumpeted affair with very little consequence. I kid, I kid. What REALLY happened was a game of little consequence except the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars that are tied to the affair.

And yet again last night - even as a PROUD marketer who appreciates little more than good, sound, strategic communication - as with many, many years before it and many years to come . . . I didn't watch a second of the game. Not a single spot was consumed (I DID fire up the Internet to see the Fast Six teaser - thanks to Twitter friends giving me a heads up that it had aired - and it. Was. Awesome.). Not a single purchasing decision was impressioned up. Not a single part of my rage over the stupid, senseless violence and long-term health damage done to the men who played the game was shared with the masses.

I DID, however, take some time last night after the game to fire up Twitter and, like any good sociological/cultural study/archaeological-dig, took at look at what the people were talking about. Here are the top 10 things in my feed (and my ONE sentence response (you know how hard that is for me) to each):

  1. Paul Harvey and God Made a Farmer - A beautiful, at least 18-months-in-the-making spot but don't buy a Dodge, buy some local produce and then really understand the economics of the American farm and act accordingly.
  2. Beyonce - I didn't watch it and don't need to - a summary - if you like grunting, hip popping, winking, crowd engaging, uttering, and occasional warbling - a few bars at a time - she's your gal.
  3. Blackout - No conspiracy needed.
  4. Oreo's Response to the Blackout - Save your $4MM and steal mind share with a creative team on call, organic strategy, and pennies on the dollar. 
  5. Commercial Let Down - Pro tip . . . all that matters is that you remember it and talk about it . . . not what you thought. 
  6. Budweiser Horse Spot - I liked it better the first time when it was called EVERY MOVIE ABOUT EMOTION THROUGH SEPARATION EVER MADE.
  7. Ray Lewis - We can finally honor such a great man by showcasing that he has one Super Bowl ring for each person he was, allegedly  involved in the death of many years ago. 
  8. The Red Zone - That's the space from the 20-yard-line to the end zone where teams automatically play differently because there is less field to use/cover/leverage/manage. 
  9. The Coaching - I get why the coaches being brothers is a story line but only time and experience make you a better coach in crunch situations so they'll both do better next time.
  10. The Comeback that Fell Ever So Short - Time to label it an "instant classic" like every other sport event that has ever been played and never really discussed all that much in-depth again.
What was NOT being discussed (much to my dismay) . . . Fast Six. Seriously. The teaser was amazing and I can't wait for the next 109 days to fly by so I can see the WHOLE MOVIE!