Songs NOT For Couples . . .

You've, no doubt, picked up on a trend this February (you do read my blog every, single day, right?) and that is "love."

I'm not probably the most loving soul you've ever met (I got your e-mail, concerned reader.) No. I'm not bitter about my divorce. No. I'm not anti-love. I'm just sorta' in a rut of things to talk about (most of what I WANT to say is verboten - lawyers, shrinks, common sense, better judgement, etc.) so I'll go with the calendar and upcoming holidays, I suppose (wait for a ROUSING President's Day post in the coming weeks and stuff'll get officially weird when March rolls around).

Today? Confusion at the concert venue. Yes. The least likely theme in the history of blog posts and yet - here we are. Just you and me. Which is sorta' the point. Ever gone to a concert and seen people snuggling up and doing that "my hands in your pockets" sway and wondered if they are even LISTENING to the song they are dry-humping to? Yeah. Me too. Here are a few examples of beautiful, soft, melodic songs that are NOT love songs about current love - but the love lost, missed, waited for, or simply observed.

Comfortable - John Mayer
The first love that got away because the man was not ready for the emotional demands of the relationship. And he regrets that.

Every Breath You Take - The Police 
This is not about a love of protecting observance. This is a straight-up obsession. An unhealthy one. Someone needs to move on (or at least 500 ft. away) and let it go. And the other person needs to get a safety whistle.

Break Your Heart - Barenaked Ladies
He doesn't really love you, lady. He's just not sure how to get away from you. But he'll get up the courage someday. Some. Day.

Baby Can I Hold You Tonight - Tracy Chapman
Why can't you just be present, dude? Tell her you love her. Ask for forgiveness. Use the words that don't come easily. She needs to hear them, fella'.

Stop dancing with your current partner to theses songs. Immediately. And stop doing that "my hands in your pockets" sway. It's horrible to watch.

BUT, take heart - people who MUST do the "their hands in other people's pockets" sway because this is one song that - in my opinion - is the greatest example of a love song ever (yeah, I said it). Unconditional. Re-affirming. Selfless. Grab the one you love (including your kids, an old friend in pain, etc.) by the hand, right now, and dance to this (but only put your hands in their pockets if you have a romantic love) . . .

True Colors - Cyndi Lauper