Snow Day . . .

Note the snow ball in mid-air above Kiddo's
right shoulder. She nailed me in the chest.
Proof that I had a strange mentality as a child . . . I HATED having a Snow Day (all caps to show respect). I'm not talking about the 2000 movie Snow Day (I would NEVER hate anything with the very, very lovely Jean Smart in it). I'm talking about the unexpected cancellation of school based on precipitation that left my brothers and I home for the day (and my parents too - they were both educators).

I should clarify . . . I grew up in Upstate. We would REGULARLY go to school with even after five or six inches overnight (giggle). It took a LOT of wet, heavy, road endangering snow to keep us home but we would get thee or four days a year when we got 'em and I hated 'em.

In hindsight, it was probably my anxiety disorder kicking in early. I hated then (and still do) hate change. Sudden. Unexpected. Unplanned. Miserable. I had a routine. I had a schedule and plan. I had my clothes laid out for the next day. My homework was done. My flute music practiced. My lunch table picked out (a fat kid always knows when and where his next meal will come from).

Fast forward 19 - 31 years and I'm a parent. My kid is having a Snow Day today. She is THRILLED. She missed school Thursday and Friday for our DC trip. There was no school Monday or Tuesday for President's Day and an In-Service Day. She'll barely remember her alphabet if this doesn't stop soon (I kid, I kid).

Here's the pride point . . . I'm not freaking out today (probably because I have no job to juggle - but I do have an interview this afternoon) and I'm actually excited. We're going to go spend some time in the snow and we're going to do some arts and crafts and maybe even video chat with Grandma Amore on her 65th birthday. We're going to enjoy the day. Who knows - we might even rent Snow Day on Amazon Instant Watch.

Jean Smart. Giggidy!