Road Trip . . .

Shuttlecocks. Big ones. ALL over the lawn.
While I am normally pretty good with staying in control and owning my emotions and situations, I get in moods, from rare time to very infrequent time, where I have just two or three choices:
  1. Stay focused. Power through the frustration. Overcome.
  2. Run. Like a li-tulll schoooool child. 
  3. Online porn. 
I've had a LOT pushing me toward web browsers and/or a wind sprint lately. Friday morning, after much hemming and hawing and a fair amount of shoveling and fun with the kiddo, I decided NOT to cancel my informational interview in Topeka and then steam on up to Lawrence, Kansas. Home of YOUR (definitely not mine - Let's go SHOX!) Kansas Jayhawks and also home to friends Nathan, David, and Nicole. Even better, I got to hang out with their friends Jay (who is hilariously great (#SuperBlack)), Matt (who owns 23rd Street Brewery) and Amy (who you can personally (professionally?) thank for Kansas State Park #24).

We had a great time, if I do say so myself, just sort of hanging out all weekend. We went OLD SCHOOL (I should clarify I didn't go so old school that my wagon status was challenged) Friday night. HOW old school? Let's just say by the time I found my boy Lurch his midnight snack, McDonald's was already serving BREAKFAST! 

Some other highlights:
  • Time with friends
  • Laughing. HONEST and true laughs. Lots of them. From the belly. 
  • Watching regular TV just enough to miss my Roku AND to see an episode of American Ninja Warrior. (The latter may have inspired the prior.)
  • Sleeping 9 total hours in two nights.
  • Buying a cell phone charger. This is number four in my collection. It was procured at 3:57 AM CT. On a Saturday. 
  • Seeing one of THESE still in active use.
Highlight of the weekend (outside time and laughs with friends) was going to the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City. If you've not been - get ye there. STAT! I love the Wichita Art Museum and the Ulrich but I was, admittedly, spoiled by the quality AND quantity of art available, gratis, in DC. This is a world class museum (whatever that means) . . . and it is FREE! The entire museum was amazing. Nathan showed me his Happy Place (all caps to show respect) . . . 

And I not only saw Water Lilies . . . the actual painting vs. the prints and posters on college dorm walls . . . 

But I cheated at TOUCHED a van Gogh (I've seen plenty of them over the years but never reached out and made contact). Ha. Take THAT Museum Police. 

A good weekend was had. Now it is back to reality and I feel fine about that. "Ready" in a weird way. Let's hope we all have amazing weeks. Harumph!