PARODY (Not Imitation) is the Sincerest Form of Flattery . . .

I don't care what you say - without Sarah Palin in 2008,
Tina Fey would not have blowed-ed up as she did.
On Thursday afternoon, Ava and I spent a considerable amount of time snowed in and having a grand ol' time. Of the myriad of activities we sliced the time with - one truly tickled me. Kiddo spent time mimicking everyone from myself and her mother to my family to her favorite actors and even the cast of Family Guy (YES - FINE - I have let her watch a few episodes over the years, she doesn't get any of the humor anyway).

It dawned on me that a) the kid has some comedic chops and b) almost everything in this world that I find truly funny is a parody or rehashing of something that is otherwise more serious than it need be.

Let me clarify - I have never appreciated a single Wayans Brothers movie (YES - FINE - I liked White Chicks (not really)) and I don't think that all parody is funny. I think the intentionally mean spirited stuff is down right horrible. But the genuine stuff that comes from a good place (like my six year old doing her best impression of her 65 year old Grandmother) is down right fantastic.

I mention this for a few, simple reasons.

1) We've become so sensitive and fragile that we presume any one having fun WITH us is making fun OF us.
2) We've become so mean-spirited that 82% of the time we are making fun OF people.
3) The 18% that falls in the grey area is the good stuff we should all enjoy.

We are all silly. We all make mistakes. There are behaviors and mannerisms in each of us that deserve some ribbing. And if no one ever pointed them out - we'd never know the difference. A former colleague once went on a legendarily long tear using every industry buzzword I cram in to any one of my legendarily long tears (I made a conscious effort to use them less). My mother uses the word "ironical" instead of ironic (making up a fake word for irony, as my younger brother pointed out, is in and of itself ironic(al?)). I have a dear friend that says "Noooooo" in certain situations with the weirdest, most curious em-FA-sis on a two letter word that it makes me laugh and laugh. Almost negating her protest, in a way.

Bottom line - learn the difference between having fun WITH someone and someone having fun WITH you and people just being mean and you'll be better off when all is said and done.