Next To Me . . .

Lately, there has been much talk in my life about "love" and "kindness" and how the two things are expressed, shown, earned, deserved, parceled, and otherwise held against.

I'll end the speculation and debate - and tell ALL of you - the ONLY way love is shown and kindness given is through genuine shared proximity and honest, cooperative pursuit. What the hell does that mean? Spend time together. Learn of and from each other. Do your best to truly honor each other. Be understanding when the other occasionally and inadvertently falls short. Be the hammer of justice when they fail miserably and/or intentionally. After all nothing (except junk food and Lifetime Movie Network) is more kind or loving than holding someone responsible for themselves.

There. Go one about your day. One less of the world's questions needs to be answered this fine, snowed over Kansas Tuesday.