Greatest of All Time (GOAT): Poirot . . .

As many of you know, I'm a BIG fan of detective TV shows. Let's recap some of my favorite TV shows of all time . . .

Murder She Wrote
Gilmore Girls
48 Hours: Mystery
Sports Night

Half the shows are about dialogue, character development, clever writing and angst - the other half are about (as Ja Rule would put it) Muhhh-dahhhhh. Admittedly, Psych (back for another season later this month) is in both camps.

I recently stumbled upon and binge-watched a show on Netflix that has literally changed my life. Literally (calm down, Nathan Carr). I'm speaking of the TV adaptation of Agatha Christie's Poirot stories.

The stories themselves were not all that fantastic (admittedly there were very few episodes that showed enough clues for the audience to even have a chance at figuring out the murderer) but what WAS fantastic was the show's namesake. Hercule Poirot (pronounced Air-quool Pwah-row).

Poirot was the best detective in all of Belgium before retiring to London and becoming the greatest private detective in all the United Kingdom/Europe/the world. And it wasn't just his prowess with crime that made me love him . . . it was the way he carried himself and his swaggart. If you've never seen the show - take this clip for instance:

I know. MIND BLOWN! It's cool. Let him wash over you. He's going to change your life too (and, to clarify, he DID take Mrs. Tott's case - and SOLVED it (baller!)).

I like Poirot because a) he dresses like a proper gentleman b) he had one great love in life and she got away but his lapel pin (a miniature vase that ALWAYS had a flower in it) reminder him of her daily (she gave it to him) c) he had an assistant named Ms. Lemon who seemed to have no real point or value to the show or him but he kept her on in his employ (no reason to put another person out of work) d) he had Hastings (an old acquaintance from WWI) for a second sort-of assistant who seemed to really be nothing more than a valet and dialogue partner for Poirot's greatness and e) he was super cocky because he earned it. He'd solved, correctly, every case he ever worked including one that involved freeing someone who had been incorrectly jailed for over a decade . . . because it was the right thing to do.

Hubris is only an issue if you can't back it up and Poirot, with his bow ties and always-ready-for-travel supper coat backed it up. ALLLL the way up ad you know that's right.