You Can't Go Back . . .

Just a quick post today to follow up on my post from last week about decisions and regrets. I got an interesting e-mail from a dissident (I really wish some of you would "comment" on the posts so we could have the positive, constructive, ALMOST always interesting debate publicly) that said my post didn't allow for you to go back and re-do, re-try, re-connect, or re-establish if you did make a mistake.

I'm presuming (somewhat dismissively) this was in the context of buying a trendy top from Hot Topic or a bad nail polish color at the local salon but for all I know they were talking about bridge burning, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting married, or getting divorced, or someone OUTSIDE the immediate friends and families of both narcissist actually giving a flying f*ck about any celebrity happening, for that matter. Maybe they meant real life shit? Nah. No chance. Here's all I have to say . . .

THIS (click "play" below) CAN NOT HAPPEN (the first 1:38 or so, at least)!

No regrets. No remorse. No retreat.

I'm not saying you can't have people/places/things back in your life in the future (I might argue, depending on the severity of the reason for the schism, you should NOT but - hey - to each their own) but they will always be in the context of the happening or the "explosion" (to stick with the firework reference above) and it will be different.

Enjoy the show, folks. Wear long sleeves. Protect your eyes. Learn from the fallout. Be better for the display and all the pretty, pretty colors (and the stupid, corresponding booms).