What The Internet Is For . . .

I'm a generally "happy" person (despite my deep cynicism and skepticism). Few things really "bug" me or get me "down." A few exceptions . . . 
  1. People who enjoy/love/find attractive and talented Beyonce
  2. Those who think "West Coast" is better than "East Coast"
  3. Uninteresting trivia (eg. "Did you know that if Barbie were a real woman she'd struggle to even stand up.")
  4. Monopoly. The business practice AND the board game
  5. Domestic abuse and people who perpetrate the act(s) and their defenders
  6. Equal and Sweet'N Low (Splenda 4 Eva, yuns)
  7. The Lord of the Rings and any of its prequels, sequels, reboots, merchandise, brand extensions, et al
I could go on - but then I'd never have another post in me . . . instead - here are the TOP five (Internet streamed videos - there are a million top five lists that could be put here, and may eventually be put here) I will reach for when I need a good giggle or to turn that ol' frown upside down. (DISCLAIMER - The sharing of potentially offensive language is in no way an endorsement of said language. We good?). Feel free to bookmark this page, if you find any comfort in any of the shares that follow.

5) My Drunk Kitchen . . . (I like them alllll but we'll start at the top.)

4) Aziz Ansari's Cousin Harris on Facebook . . . "His senior quote's going to be 'TNT Knows Drama'."

3) Froggy Fresh (who will ALWAYS be Krispy Kreme in my heart) . . . "Everybody gets scared when I front flip." 

2) Drinking Out of Cups . . . "Who's this guy? Mr. Balloons. Mr. Balloon-hands."

1) Mini Daddy . . . I have NO idea what this kid is even saying but, in my heart, I hope Ava brings this kid home some day (many, many years from now). Gotta' appreciate the swagger.