The Power of Words . . .

There has been much talk, much controversy, and much wasted time and energy in the last few months about the over-the-top use of the "n-word" in Quentin Tarantino's latest film Django Unchained.

I saw the movie. I enjoyed it. It was as bloody, over the top, funny, well made, well acted, long, and lovingly crafted as I expected it to be. I was in no way surprised to hear the word 1,589 (or so) times in the 3 hour film. It was a movie about slavery, set in the era of slavery, made by a dude that loves to push buttons and press the envelope.

I'm NOT saying the word is okay. Nor am I condoning slavery. Nor am I saying that those offended should grow up or get over it or whatever. Heck no. If that word bothers you for any reason . . . allow it to. I'm fine with that. For without that potential for offense - I have no blog post brewing here. The point of this post (already a few hundred words in) is to showcase that words have no meaning, weight, or strength without CONTEXT . . .

Indulge me - what do each of these words make you think of? What "significance" to they have? How do you feel about them?
  • Love
  • Hate
  • God
  • Juju
  • Macaroni
  • Bird
  • Organic
  • Baby
  • Slut
  • Boobs
  • Sh*t*ass*dm*th*rf*ck*inc*ckb*y!
Ha! Trick questions. You shouldn't really think ANYTHING about ANY of the above (besides the last - that one should have you thinking I need psychiatric treatment). And I'd be willing to be in order TO "think" about those words you put them IN a context.

  • I love my family.
  • I hate Monday mornings.
  • There is God in this orchard.
  • People who say juju have mental problems.
  • . . . and called it macaroni.
  • Nothing funnier than flipping a nun the bird as she does her acts of kindness.
  • I am a far healthier eater thanks to these Organic Cheetos (yes - that is a real thing)
  • My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun. Baby got back.
  • It is never okay to call a woman a slut. Ever. Stick with whur!
  • Boobs! BOOBS!
So if you've seen Django Unchained or not (and I think you should) or if you are offended by the "n-word" or not (I think you are fine to be or fine not to be) or if you just wish I thought a little less about boobs (good luck with that) - just try to keep all of the above and other things in context.