Overcome . . .

Think you have things in your life that hold you back, minimize you, or limit your potential . . . tell that to this blindskateboarder. Kid does something I don't have the courage to do with two working eyes and a relatively low level of "apprehension" (it helps that I know I have no athletic ability or hand-eye coordination). He uses sounds, the feel of the board/wheels and his comfort and enjoyment to minimize the fear and the thrill of the tension relief of success to keep him going.

Inspiring video but my favorite is the quote . . . "Falling is a skill you get good at." I like the quote mainly because he follows it up saying that if you have security (safety equipment) in place, you don't have to be afraid. You can just focus on the benefits and thrills of whizzing around an empty pool. Or something like that.

Seriously - who wants to go skateboard blindfolded?