Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close . . .

I had dinner tonight with a fellow marketer and a guy that I know more professionally than personally yet I like and respect him a great deal on both fronts.

As you have probably picked up by now (and if not - what the hell is wrong with your powers or perception?) I am biased toward communicators in this world. It's not that "we" are better than "you" non-communicators, it is just that WE like to talk, share ideas, mix it up, and debate more than you (lower, lower case). It's cool. I'm sure you are fantastic at what you do and would tell us all about it  but we can't understand your Excel flowcharts. And your graph color choices are horrible. And that font? Come on . . . no one likes a serif font on a chart or graph.

What was I talking about? Oh, right . . . talking. So I was chatting over dinner and an shared an observation - that people generally assume me to be on the "dark" side of life. I was prattling on (as I'm oft to do) and was presented a simple observation . . . is it maybe because I am so LOUD?!

I am not sure if LOUD was meant in terms of decibel volume or volume of communication. Either way - my friend was right. My whole life I've been accused of not just talking but yelling and not just yelling but yelling prolifically. I can not whisper. Truly. I try. Super hard. I don't think I understand the physics/application of it because what I essentially do when "whispering" is deeply, breathily exhale at the person I am trying to quietly chat with while lip-synching my intended words like a bad extra in a high school play just saying "Peas and carrots, carrots and peas, canned veggies for yous, fresh veggies for me." when "chatting" in the background of a production. But it is not for lack of trying.

And I don't just talk for talking's sake (okay - MAYBE I do). But I'm not a dark person. I'm not angry in a general sense (some things make me crazy) but I will admit that I'm quick to share my (I almost always informed) decisions. I'm more than happy to admit when I am wrong and to learn when/where I can and I have changed plenty of my opinions over the years (e.g. spinach,  classical music, hummus, life in the high plains, etc.). I think there is a GIFT for you poor, poor sufferers in the way I communicate - you never have to WONDER where I "sit" or how I "feel" on an issue. Even if you don't like my perspective or stance - you will know it.

And that is way more than I can say for the frustration I feel when trying to have an honest and candid conversation with one of you vegetable loving whisperers. This is why my life is filled with communicators, I suppose.