Honeypie . . .

I love The Weepies. I don't love every single thing they've ever done but I really like it all and love a good 89% of it. One of my favorites of all time is "Be My Honeypie." It is a silly little song about how receiving the love of a person is so important that, without it, one might die.

I don't believe this is a real thing for a minute but - for all the romantics in the world that do - I SALUTE you. Anywho, a cute video of all sort of couples (young, old, heterosexual, homosexual, etc.) accompanies the song. You can watch it below.

I mention this song, and the notion of death without validation from another, because it has become increasingly obvious to me that a LOT of people in my life seem to believe this is a real thing. That love from another is vital to one's own happiness, success . . . delay of mortality. I don't know where this notion comes from but I remember sitting in health class in high school - a former alternate to the US Olympic wrestling team droning on - and learning that we all need love, contact, intimacy, and interaction to survive (he gave some horrible example of well fed and watered puppies in a box in a closet all dying from loneliness). I get that we need love - that we need the pitter patters that a "honeypie" might offer but I don't really believe it has to come from any one person nor do I believe I'll die in a closet if I don't have a honeypie.

Give me a hug from this person, a nice conversation from that one, a kiss or two from this woman, a cause to care about, a project to complete, and a few dollars in my pocket and I'm fine. I'm fine. Always have been - always will be.

But for the rest of you . . . love that Honeypie. And Honeypie - love them back. They need it.