Les Beaux . . .

In the second-to-last reader-suggested post of 2012, I wanted to give my thoughts on lesbians. Yes. Just thoughts on homosexual females. Any and all of these thoughts follow . . .

1) I have no actual thoughts on lesbians. I never found them a "double your pleasure" treat in late-80s/early-90s porn. I don't find them awkward or horrifying. I don't find them to be any more or less interesting, as couples or sexual oriented individuals than I do as individuals.
2) I wish they, like their gay male counterparts, could enjoy the full rights and privileges of their heterosexual counterparts. And by that I don't mean marriage, specifically. While that would be NICE - I would MUCH rather see things like easier paths to parenting, access to medical and financial benefits, health insurance coverages, the ability to make decisions in medical crises, etc. Marriage is something heterosexuals, like me, have been casual in our dedication and have largely ruined the institution anyway. More than half of them end in divorce. Being able to truly love, provide for, protect, and structure a life together is far more important (in my never humble opinion).
3) I think lesbians are far more socially "acceptable" (and by that I mean the small minds are less freaked out by the ladies than the fellas) because of the way they have been stereo-typed and portrayed by the media.
4) Subarus are fantastic cars. I can see why "those people" love them so much. I kid - but the sales figures don't.
5) I've said it before, I'll say it again - homophobia is the stupidest of ALL the phobias. At least an arachnophobic COULD be attacked by a spider.

I think that is it. Every thought I've ever had on Lesbians.

I want to congratulate my friends Jenny and Aimee on their non-binding, ceremonial nuptials that will take place in the next few days and I want to, more importantly, thank them for being a couple that seems to really, truly enjoy and love each other (in all the strains and joys that come with the label) and for being such wonderful souls to spend time with.