How Was Your 2012? . . .

I always enjoy the last days of each year MAINLY for the exhaustive number of "best" and "worst" and "recap" lists of the year that was. I'm not going to lie - 2012 was NOT my best year. Personally, professionally, emotionally, etc. It was not my worst (and I will have worse, I'm sure) - but simply not my best.

I've cried very little this year. Stubborn resolve, I suppose, as much as anything. I don't like the notion that the only thing I can do is throw up my hands and let my hydration be challenged. But I've always been comfortable with the happy tears that come from being pleasantly surprised or touched in unexpected ways (no, not like that).

This video? This video left me a slobbering, blurry-visioned mess.

I hope whatever happened to/for/from/around/within you in the last twelve months was informative, impactful, enriching, and worth it. Let's all take some time in these last days of 2012 to reflect back (no need for video montages, if you don't have the time) to honor the year that was and set ourselves up for a strong 2013.