Hanukkah Wish List . . .

It's time for my FIRST "official" Hanukkah and while I realize this is not at all traditional (and, to be candid, somewhat disrespectful to the occasion) - I wanted to publish my 5773 (or 2012, if you prefer) Hanukkah Wish List in time for the lighting of the first candle at sundown on Saturday (the 25th of Chislev). Just think of it as my traditional Christmas Wish List post just, well, with a different perspective (and shorter list of demands).

1) Art - I don't know why but I spend HOURS Etsy some nights just looking at the beautiful things people with actual talent make/sell. This painting, for instance, is something I love. A lot.
2) Hitchcock DVDs - I am very, very late to the "Let's all appreciate Hitchcock" fan club. Better late than never.
3) Entertain more - Have people in my home for the evening. I'd cook. Play music at appropriate volumes. Light candles in appropriate quantity. A good time would be had by all. These books will help.
4) Backgammon - My former roommates Ben and Michael would play frequently, once upon a time, but I could never get in to it. I preferred to just mope. Now I want to play often. And to win.
5) Oxfords - The shirts and the shoes. In every color and combination.
6) Haggadah - Make any seder more meaningful.
7) Culture - "Jewish" is the only religion that also has a culture. I want to cook like one of those sweet, sweet Jewish Grandmas (and not one of the annoying ones). I am Irish (50%), Italian (25% - Paternal Grandfather gave me the gift/curse of the last name . . . it means love (to clarify)), and Yugoslavian (25%). I have no real connection with or affinity for any of those cultures and Ava is multi-ethnic and multiracial (NO overlap with me) and I can't even pretend to relate to some of that but this culture . . . this is one I can own and set my relationship with. Maybe bring the kiddo along.
8) Time - Two years ago, Ava bought me a Weekender (disclosure - I bought it, she picked it out and told me I HAD to buy it) and I've worn it a handful of times. The little pin thingy that keeps the face and strap in contact broke and I keep neglecting to take the 2 minutes it takes to get it fixed for $5. I want some more straps and to wear it ALL the time (well, evenings and weekends and Casual Fridays - it is not really a "work" watch with these straps (obviously)).


PS - No one buy me ANY of this stuff. Seriously. I know you all want to shower me with gifts (totally natural, don't feel ashamed) but that is gauche, yo!