Favorite Movie of 2012 . . .

According to my crack-pot Google talents, there were over 900 movies in "commercial release" in 2012. That includes everything from summer "Blockbusters" that open on thousands of screens and that random film, from an undeveloped Asian nation that bowed on three screens in neighborhoods full of emigrants from said third world Asian nation. I'm not even going to PRETEND like I saw more than 2% of them (if memory serves me correctly, I saw 14 movies this calendar year so I'm at about 1.5%) NOR will I pretend to have a discerning palette for film or what makes for a good one.

That being said, I enjoyed almost all the movies I saw this year (I'm trying to only be critical of other PEOPLE on this blog so I won't name names on the stinkers) but one stood out . . . my Favorite Movie of 2012 (and the suspense should have ended by now based on the photo to the right) was Beasts of the Southern Wild.

This is a movie that LOTS of people saw but it would not win any awards for box office receipts  it won't even stand a chance at any teen choice awards (no surfboard trophies for you, artsy-fartsy film) and I would dare say that even people who ARE taste makers in the world of film would have mixed reviews on this gem but, critics be damned I LOVED it.

What is it about?
In my opinion (there is much debate or potential for speculation here) the movie is about how where you are from imposes your world view and how little we allow for, understand, accept, or encourage world views other than our own and how hard it is to translate our world view in to another world (as in across a levee to another part of Louisiana).

Who is in it?
No one you've ever heard of, blissfully. But the cast is talented and the little girl (she's 6, I believe) who plays Hushpuppy embodies her character so amazingly that if she does NOT get nominated for some awards, I'll cry foul (to no one listening).

Why do I love it?
Ever felt like a fish out of water? Pun sorta' intended here but I've felt like I sorta' belong and sorta' don't the entire time I've lived here in Kansas. And when we lived in Connecticut and I worked for IBM. And when I lived in Baltimore and tried to assimilate to Joy's group of friends. And when I lived in DC. And when I was at Quinnipiac. And in high school. I've always felt this way? Hmmm. The best part about the movie - for me - is that no one from the bathtub (as Hushpuppy et al call their community) has any interest in people joining them or their community and they have no urges, that I can see, to make the people in the rest of the world take on their culture either. They just want to live, be happy, and be at home in the world. I've been lucky. I've always been pretty well accepted and I've found comfort and a niche and a group of people that "get" and "accept" me anywhere I go but some days . . . some days . . . I just want to be back in the bathtub where things are simple and happy.

If you can't relate to that - I'm sure Katherine Heigl has a movie in the works that you're sure to love. NO disrespect/offense (okay, a LITTLE bit).