Stay On Target . . .

I have seen each of the horrible, dreadful, inexcusable, and inexplicable Star Wars films ONCE each. I know, I know, blasphemy (take your angst to my MySpace page - that is where an argument like this would have its best life). There is only 0:14 of the entire oeuvre that speaks to me. It can be viewed here.

Why does this speak to me when all the other outstanding dialogue, plot lines, character development, and pin-tight twists and turns fall short? Simple. I. Need. To. Stay. On. Target.

I am a narcissist. Truly. I pay attention ONLY to the things in this life that require my focus (even the absurd shit that does NOT deserve it (insert one of a million examples here)). I don't do this for fun. I don't "want" to do it. I MUST do it. I have to, on a constant basis, try to boil back the noise in my life so I can get the things done, accomplish things, develop as a person, father, son, friend, brother, uncle, etc. I might argue a LOT of other people out there (many may even be reading this) would greatly benefit from the same resolve.

STOP caring about every person out there. You do not need 99.99999999999% of this world to even be aware of you much less give a damn about you and FORGET about them "liking" you or not. I'm going to argue that if you have 15 - 20 people in this life that truly know, love, and support you - you are Warren-Buffett-rich! If you give energy to the people in this life that don't like you, have/intend to harm you, or that are in your past rattling around in a hurtful way - you need to find a professional that takes co-pays and does NOT have a couch (apparently professional ethics of a mental health professional forbid couches, FYI) that can help you get a little more focus in your life.

MAKE a point to not busy your mind with things, tasks, chores, and obligations that are not of value to you. I include anything that you say you "must" do as something that you must NOT do. Groceries, dishes, laundry, personal hygiene, etc. are - yes - all things you MUST do but you have to do them because you are human being that stands upright, has a family or colleagues or friends and because that is the bare minimum to keep moving forward. Know what you do NOT "need" to do? Garden. Rake leaves. Pain the for-yay (as we elitists pronounce it). Organize your pantry to finite resolve.

Instead of putting your time, space, mental energy, and emotions behind the soul-sucking-shit-of-the-earth put it on the people and things you love. Go take a walk. Make a lavender bath. Learn to knit. Paint a picture. Get high and watch a horrible movie about ewoks.

And please, for the love of all that is good, sacred, and sugar coated (redundancy) get off Facebook. FOCUS!