None Shall Sleep . . .

I'm too tired and sleep lost to really write today so I'll "punt" with a clip of my favorite aria (yes, I have a favorite - you should too, dammit!) of all time. Nessum Dorma (None Shall Sleep) from Puccini's Turandot.

The gist of the piece is that a Princess has decreed that no one in the kingdom can sleep until the name of a man who has won the right to marry her is discovered THUS allowing her to NOT marry him (royal loopholes are brutal). Operas rarely make sense and are even less frequently in English (the good ones, anyway). I like this piece and it "speaks" to me because a) It is beautiful and b) Defeat lies in simple identity. Maybe we should all just try harder to constantly reinvent ourselves as  better, improved versions of ourselves versus rest on who we "are" in name alone. And maybe those around us should allow us the chance to evolve and prove ourselves worthy of acceptance.

Tomorrow I'm going to blog about something funny. I swear. Seriously. Stay tuned. And enjoy a skinnier Pavarotti in the interim.