Favorite Words . . .

As I struggle and toil with Hebrew, I'm reminded of just how much I love the English language. Here, presented without any particular order or ranking are some of my favorite words (not to be confused with warm woolen mittens, one of my favorite THINGS).

  1. Jettison
  2. Chagrin
  3. Providence
  4. Pusillanimous (greatest "safe word" in the history of S&M, for the record (look it up, you'll probably laugh))
  5. Quagmire
  6. Horny (I dare you to say or hear it with a straight face.)
  7. Cream
  8. Extemporaneous 
  9. Validity
  10. Partial
  11. Lenticular
  12. Disarticulate (shot out to my favorite psychologist)
  13. Uberous
  14. Tepid
  15. milquetoast (doesn't deserve a capital M)
  16. Apropos
  17. Intrepid
  18. Gamey
  19. Proposition
  20. Appenditured 

One note - my favorite word to SAY is "sheet cake" - it has soft and hard consonants, soft and hard vowels, and it feels fantastic to utter. Note (potential cake-related segue here) that the word "moist" (the WORST thing our language has to offer) is not present above . . . so creepy.

What words do you like to fall from the tip of your tongue?