Come Tell Me a Story . . .

I've been spending time with a lot of people lately. I've always spent time with people (work, board meetings, volunteering, movie theaters, restaurants, police line-ups, etc.) and I genuinely, truly LOVE people.

I like to watch the, listen to them, learn from them, occasionally (?) criticize them, but - mainly - I like to talk WITH them.

I love nothing more than a solid, open-ended question about any of the following five topics . . .

1) Life Story
2) Life Dreams
3) Sex Stories/Dreams (smile)
4) Random (Mis)Adventures
5) The ________ Thing That Has Ever Happened to Them

. . . and just seeing what bubbles up. TYPICALLY these questions result in you sharing/hearing real stories/tales/yarns. In the interest of full disclosure, part of why I love talking about things beyond the weather or the day behind/ahead is that when you ask a question with some meat, you get to hear stories that go beyond bare bones to so, so much more.

Do yourself a favor. Next time you're with someone you have any more interest in than simply discussing weather fronts and sports scores, breeze through the formalities and lob them a good, strong, open-ended inquiry and listen - REALLY listen - to what they say next.

Then do them a favor and ask another. And another. And another. At some point they will probably interrupt you and ask you a question or two back but, in lieu of that, ask, listen, learn, enjoy.

Forget the weather - there is an app for that.