Over/Under . . .

Our power went out about 24 hours ago. It is still out now. It is fine. Really. Life goes on. I share this news not for sympathy but so I can try to make a point. A self-criticizing point. I, Sean C. Amore, honestly believe there is only ever really one solution to a problem I face - MINE.

This ego-driven stupidity is obvious in just about ever aspect of my life. From the way I dress to the way I make Ava's turkey, cheese and mayo wraps to the fact that I can know the power is out but I will still flip on a light switch every time I walk in a room or closet and I will still dig out my hedge clippers and extension cord to trim back some limbs hanging on (and in turn disabling) our power. I'm just stubborn.

Luckily there are lots of wise people around me (many of whom are also driven to believe they know the best/only way to solve a problem) to keep me humble and, save that, to show me the BETTER way to solve a problem.

Enter my Hero du Jour. The electrician who came out to hook our power back up today. He stood and listened to me talk about how "hopeless" his presence was since, without the branches gone off the wire there was NO way to get the power meter and cabling back on the house and to restore power. He allowed me to pull on the down wire to show the tension. He let me talk about texting him when the tree limb guy came and went. He allowed me to talk and talk and talk. Then he walked to his van, pulled out a tool and just snapped the power lines (once testing to make sure they really were "dead"). Still silent, he pulled down two ladders and headed behind the garage motioning for me to follow. He pulled the wires from under the limb and then simply tossed them over the limb. In the next two hours I climbed three ladders, stood on two roofs, trimmed four tree limbs, learned about electricity and crimping and even found out that if a tree falls on your power lines you can remove the branches OR you can reroute the electricity over the downed branches.

So simple. And I would have never thought of it. I try to pretend I am a "good" thinker. That I can reason my way out of just about any scenario and that I can provide valuable solutions to problems - my own or others. I believe all that because my ego says it is true. I believe it and believe it and believe it.

Then a stranger walks up my driveway, shows me better thinking and teaches me a ton of stuff along the way.