Crying Over Spilt Milk . . .

One of my favorite childhood/20s foods/meals/snacks/obsessions? Cereal! Specifically the big, oversized bags of Malt-O-Meal cereals that tasted just like the "real" thing but were WAY cheaper. I mean - really - is General Mills Cap'n Crunch any more "real" than Colossal Crunch? They don't even spell Captain right (because it is not a real captain in the box). I would pour half the box in a salad bowl, dowse with enough fat free milk (because whole milk would be gluttonous of me) and have at!

Anywho - I have only had a few small cups of cereal (specifically Special K Protein Plus) in the last three years. I don't really miss it (it is not like I'm sitting here crying over the loss of cereal in my life) but don't think I'm not a huge fan of Malt-O-Meal giving the consumers what they want (delicious cereal and the emotional appeal of it at a great price) while giving something back to charity and those in need.

Pour some sugar on YOU, Malt-O-Meal!