Crying Over Spilt Milk . . .

One of my favorite childhood/20s foods/meals/snacks/obsessions? Cereal! Specifically the big, oversized bags of Malt-O-Meal cereals that tasted just like the "real" thing but were WAY cheaper. I mean - really - is General Mills Cap'n Crunch any more "real" than Colossal Crunch? They don't even spell Captain right (because it is not a real captain in the box). I would pour half the box in a salad bowl, dowse with enough fat free milk (because whole milk would be gluttonous of me) and have at!

Anywho - I have only had a few small cups of cereal (specifically Special K Protein Plus) in the last three years. I don't really miss it (it is not like I'm sitting here crying over the loss of cereal in my life) but don't think I'm not a huge fan of Malt-O-Meal giving the consumers what they want (delicious cereal and the emotional appeal of it at a great price) while giving something back to charity and those in need.

Pour some sugar on YOU, Malt-O-Meal!


Thinking About Running - In a Whole New Way . . .

There is this "itch" that sits just below the surface of my skin.

I've never scratched it. I've often thought about it. I often dismiss it that it would simply be ego (or ego crushing) to give in to the urge but - as I sit closer to 34 than 33 - I think it is time to put down the Gold Bond and just start scratching.

So. I've decided to publicly and truly and honestly and openly look at possibly running for Governor of the Great State of Kansas.

Yes. I'm serious. As serious as I am any time I take out my flag and stick it in the sand and listen to the whispers of how crazy I must be and then - over time - I prove the doubters wrong and find a better "me" for the criticism and the skepticism and the adversity.

Yes. I've only lived in Kansas for 2 1/2 years. That doesn't mean I can't love this state and know that it is home and want the very best for the home I share with my wife and daughter and 2.8 million other hard working, honest people.

Yes. I'm a liberal. Probably more liberal than your average (if there is such a thing) liberal Kansan. That doesn't mean I'm crazy (really, it does not). It just mean that I honestly believe that the best way to take care of ourselves is to take care of each other. I don't always agree with the "flaming" label but I'll take the bleeding heart label. Heart I have. Fire - not so much. It is dangerous to be a person on fire.

No. I'm not a terribly religious person. I could easily be labeled a "cynic" when it comes to religion. That does not mean nor does it allow you to argue that I have no faith. I do. I have lots of faith. I believe there might well be a divine force (or many) that govern our world and everything above, on and under it. I believe that we won't ever know the answer to the bigger question of "right" or "wrong" until we've left this earth. That being said I FULLY support people in whatever set of beliefs they want to have and hold and live under so long as it doesn't negatively effect or in any way endanger their neighbors. Live and let live. To each their own. Etc. Yes - I've said that if God IS watching us - I hope he's enjoying the spectacle. I stand by that. Each to their own. Live and let live.

You can take the above position on religion and apply it to a variety of pulse point "social issues" - is anyone else being hurt? Put in danger? Abused or misused? If yes - correct the action or behavior. If not - live and let live. To each their own.

Yes. I HONESTLY believe there is NO better way for us to apply our shared resources (that is euphemism for taxes, energy, resources and pens we "borrowed" from the bank) than education. I believe every Kansan (and every citizen of the planet) should be ENTITLED to a basic level of education (we'll call that K - 12 here in the United States). I believe there should be opportunities to achieve higher education using shared resources too. Let's be clear here - the future is dictated by the moment we are currently in. If we don't educate our future generation we can't expect them to help improve our state our our country or our planet and we can't possibly lean on them when it is time for their generation to "take over" the state, country and planet.

NONE of these positions makes me a shoe-in for SOCIAL popularity much less POLITICAL mandate here in the state of Kansas. I know that. I'm okay with that. Sorta.

I think if I can get past the assumptions and talk about the issues - I can convince people that I am a smart and articulate and well-intentioned man that has never told a lie (of any real consequence) and who does right by any commitment he makes.

I am thinking about running. I'm asking people for their thoughts. I'm sending some notes to people in "high places" to ask them for their thoughts and what they think I should do.

And for those that think going from NO political experience to the office of the Governor . . . you clearly don't understand the importance of setting high and lofty goals and working, with near-abandon, to reach them.

Check out the "Exploratory" page on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Amore2010) and please don't hesitate to zap me a note if you have any thoughts or feedback or direction on what you think might make me a stronger candidate - or a guy who knows he's scratched that itch and that the deck is stacked too high against him. But know that I don't go quietly and I rarely just accept the nay-sayers . . . my record speaks very clearly to THAT!