The Warm Glow of Lights . . .

No judgement, really, but I'm a bit of a purest when it comes to my holiday lights. I like "mini bulbs" and I like 'em white. I don't like 'em blinking and I don't like 'em chasing each other or doing anything silly.

It is not that there is anything "wrong" with colored lights or crazy manipulations of electrical current. Not at all. Time and place. Time and place.

I just prefer the traditional warmth and glow of the white bulb. They remind me of candle flames, I guess. The gentle glow is good for the appearance of my complexion. The soft light is relaxing and bring-yet-not. They are my preference and have been for 30+ years.

Then came technology and screwed the whole thing up. I'm talking about YOU, LED lights. Sure, sure. Good for the planet. Cheaper electricity. Longer lives. Purer light. What. Ev. Er.

Have you seen a "white" LED light? They are BLUE. Clinical, cold, uncaring, unloving, harsh on the complexion blue. They look like frost-bite probably feels. Nothing warm about them.

I'm all for progress and technology. Really. I am (just ask my iTunes collection or my Blackberry or my car or my house with central air). I just don't want the "advancement of technology" to come at the traditional warmth and glow of my holiday season. Time and place. Time and place.

What next? We e-mail Santa? We put up plastic and metal trees? We stop serving hot-buttered toddies? People stop making sweet love at the company Christmas party? Sure. Sure. All those things HAVE already happened (maybe people do still hook up at holiday parties but - come on people - grow up).

That is, in my opinion, all the more reason to leave my white lights alone. Leave 'em simple. Leave 'em warm. Leave 'em traditional. Time and place. Time and place.