Welcome to The Crack of Sean . . .

I'm over here now.

I appreciate everyone who is joining me from my previous blog (still archived here for anyone that wants to read alllllll about my gastric bypass surgery and the 2 1/2 years that followed (as well as several stories about life before surgery)) and any new readers as well.

I will, in the interest of full rambling, still probably talk about my life post surgery (weight loss struggles, trying to get fit, looking good FINALLY in my little black dress, my dream of having my moobs surgically removed, etc.) but I won't just be talking about weight anymore.

Nope. I'm going to talk about life, love, politics, socio-economics (no, not really), religion, pop culture and whatever else is on my mind. Come to think of it - why AM I claiming this is a new blog anyway?!?!

No - seriously - I HOPE that this blog will be as much fun and therapy for me as my old blog and I look forward to not feeling like I have to be "polite" all the time (he he he)!

Regardless - I am going to see if I can sharpen my wit, humor, maturity and writing skills without feeling like everything has to at least SORT of tie back to my weight or where that weight has been - or is going.

Life is good! And if it is not - I'm going to blog allllllll about it!